June 10, 2021 in Dag

Reasons to be cheerful…um…er

I feel kind of bad. I’ve been publishing a lot of grumpy posts lately. And while, as I’ve mentioned before, I really do love a good old grumpy post, there may just be a teensy weensy chance I might be overdoing it just a little. We all know too much of a good thing can

June 3, 2021 in Dag

I don’t like writery writing – unless I’m the one doing it

Here I was, wondering what to write in this week’s post. And then, I returned to the tried and true method I always rely on when I’m not sure what to write about. I find something that makes me grumpy. To be honest, that doesn’t always help. After all, there are so many things I’m

May 27, 2021 in Dag

My mind doesn’t work in multiples

Hooray. I’m in grumpy mode again today. Being grumpy makes me really happy. In fact it makes me so happy that I have to be careful not to be too grumpy too often, because I might get so happy I’ll forget to be grumpy. And that would make me terribly unhappy. Confused? How do you

May 20, 2021 in Dag

There are fantasies all around us

Amidst this crazy Covid world that we’re all still a part of, there was one other news story that achieved particular prominence over the last few weeks. Of course, the event I’m referring to is the death of HRH Prince Philip. Now there’s an awful lot I could say about the amount of news media

May 13, 2021 in Dag

The trials of being a Renaissance man

My job (the one that pays, not the writing) covers many different areas, and allows me to learn all sorts of different things. One of the things I’m currently learning about is the Renaissance. It sounds like an amazing time. All that culture and learning and creativity. Definitely one of the more exciting times in