December 10, 2012 in Dag

Meet the family blog hop

At the moment, I can barely keep still. I’m hopping and hopping so much I hope I don’t end up falling flat on my face. I guess if I do, it won’t be the first time.

Anyway, to clarify thing, today I’m participating in another blog hop, my second on three days. This time it’s the meet the family blog hop sponsored by Terri Giuliano Long, author of In Leah’s Wake.

The topic of this blog hop is family holiday traditions. To be honest, we’re not a particularly tradition-focussed family – we tend to make things up as we go along. But I thought what could be fun was if I imagined a holiday celebration in which some of my fictional characters came along. Now that could be very interesting.

First of all, there’d have to be Neville Lansdowne, from my novellas Doodling and Scribbling.  Neville would probably just wonder in, completely lost after trying to get somewhere else. He would wonder around, looking somewhat dazed, and try to make polite conversation while not particularly understanding what anybody else was saying. Come to think of it, Neville would be acting pretty much the way I act at a party. Funny that.

Then there could be Kriffle, the main character from Flidderbugs.  Mind you, Kriffle is actually an insect so he probably wouldn’t be having much fun. He’d be spending most of his time avoiding fly spray (especially if it’s a good old Australian celebration). I guess things aren’t looking too promising so far.

I think it’s the characters from Magnus Opum that would really liven things up. For a start, we’d have to have Magnus Mandalora and his Kertoobi friends. They’d bring the pflugberry wine and the pflugberry pies and pretty soon we’d all be happily engaged in a big pflugberry food fight. Entertainment would be provided by Shaindor and the Cherines who would regale us all with never-ending songs – come to think of it, we may want them to end after a while.

We’d have to have a contingent of Pharsheeth to liven the party up. Who else would keep dancing all through the party, and probably for the next couple of days as well – we probably won’t actually be able to get them to leave. And we’d definitely need a few Doosies around, to spread all the gossip about what went on and who hooked up with who, even if most of it ends up being completely made up.

The more I think about it, the more I reckon my fictional friends would make a great party crew – but then again, that’s what they’ve been doing inside my head for quite a few years now, so I guess I should know.

Now you’ve heard about my holiday plans, make sure you check out the other participants, listed below. And make sure you check out the home site for a chance to win one of two $50 Amazon or B&N; gift cards.

All the best and have a great celebration, whatever it is that you do. 

December 7, 2012 in Dag

All pets want for Christmas

I haven’t had a lot to say over the last few weeks as I’ve been busy highlighting new releases from the Alexandria Publishing Group. Today I’m participating in a really fun event – the All Pets Want for Christmas blog hop sponsored by the Indie Exchange, David Brown and Vickie Johnstone.

Important note – due to time differences, you may be seeing this a bit early. If it isn’t yet December 8, make sure you come back here when it is.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually have a pet, so I can’t say exactly what it might want for Christmas. However, to make up for it, I thought I might ask my good friend, the Blerchherchh, to step out from the pages of Magnus Opum and tell us what it wants for Christmas.

So now I’ll hand it over to the Blerchherchh. And then I think I’ll run away very quickly…

Grrrr. It’s the Blerchherchh here – if you couldn’t already tell. Now what do I want for Christmas? So many things to chose from. So many tasty treats. Such a hard decision.

I’ve got it. I know what I want. Santa. Just imagine how good he would taste. All those delectable rolls of fat sliding down my throats and into my stomachs. My mouths are watering, just thinking about it.

What would I do with my present? How would I serve him? Maybe a big juicy Santa steak, with a spicy peppercorn gravy. Or perhaps sizzling Santa skewers, slowly grilled over hot coals. Or perhaps seared Santa in satay sauce. There’s no end to the delightful ways I could serve Santa up – unless I run out of S words.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to have Santa on his own. I think some delicate reindeer drumsticks would go down a treat as accompaniment. I think I’ll batter them in my own secret spice recipe. Come to think of it, maybe I’ll just batter them with my claws – that would be a lot more fun.

Now I’m really making myself hungry. I think I’ll go out now and put up a chimney on top of my cave, just to make sure Santa doesn’t miss me out.

Oh, and before I forget, if there are any carol singers in the vicinity of the dingy, dungy Drungledum Valley, please pay me a visit. I love carol singers. Especially lightly marinated in a white wine sauce, with radishes and garlic and just a little parsley as a garnish.

But before I come and eat you, make sure you check out the other posts in this blog hop below, then go to the main event page to enter into the prize draw for a $50 Amazon gift card – hey if I win, I’ll eat that too. 

November 29, 2012 in Dag

Charisma – another new release from APG

Well it’s definitely been a busy month for my fellow writers at the Alexandria Publishing Group. After Terry Simpson’s release last week, I’m pleased to announce that another group member, Paul Kater, has released a new children’s book, Charisma the young witch.

Here’s a quick synopsis for you:

In this story we meet Charisma. She is the youngest daughter of a witch and a wizard, and she is always looking for adventures and things to have fun with.

One day she takes the magical ring of her big sister along when she goes to play with her friends Quinsee and Barnaby. As they play they arrive in a very strange place and it’s up to Charisma to find a way home again!

You can pick up an ecopy at:

A paperback version will follow shortly.

All the best to Paul on this new release.
November 21, 2012 in Dag

Ashes and Blood

A big congratulations to my fellow Alexandria Publishing Group author Terry Simpson on the release of his new novel, Ashes and Blood.

Ashes and Blood is an exciting epic fantasy, book 2 of his Aegis of the Gods series. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Ancel Dorn has gained the first of his power. And now he’s a wanted man. 

Ryne Waldron wants to teach him. The Nine want him to be taught before they kill him. Galiana Calestis wants him to live, and learn, and hopefully accomplish what she never was able to do: save their people. Irmina Nagel wants to love him again. Stefan Dorn, his father, wants him to lead and pave his own path.

The Tribunal and the shade want him dead.

All he wishes is to save his mother if she lives; rescue his father from the Tribunal’s clutches; find love again; help his people. And to learn how to harness his power before it drives him mad or kills him.

Cities will burn. The innocent will die. The dead shall rise. Nightmares will stalk the land. Guardians will wreak havoc.

Can he, Irmina, Galiana, and Ryne help to stem the tide? If so, at what cost?  

What’s even more impressive is that Terry was able to get it finalised and released while dealing with the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

All the best to Terry – hope it is a massive success.

November 18, 2012 in Dag

Five moments of pure pop perfection

It’s been a while since I did one of my musical lists, so I thought today was a good time to get something up – it’s good to take a break from blabbing about books for a change, and music has always had a big impact on my writing. I’m always trying to write a story which is like a great pop song – one that makes you perk up and listen, and makes you feel happy for a good while afterwards.

So with this in mind, here are a bunch of what I reckon are fantastic songs which do exactly that. I’ve chosen a list of Australian artists that probably aren’t so well known overseas. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favourite here. 

I Want You Back – Hoodoo Gurus

The Hoodoos were always one of the funnest bands ever. This was the first song of theirs I heard, from their classic “Stoneage Romeos” album, and it caught my ear from the very opening. How great is this dodgy old filmclip? How great are those animated dinosaurs? How great is Dave Faulkner’s hair?


Forever Now – Cold Chisel

The kings of sweaty Aussie pub rock show they can turn out a beautiful sparkling pop song when they set their minds to it. I love the jazzy drums and I especially love Ian Moss’s guitarwork – the end solo when the notes just come cascading out is a gem.


Blind Eye – Hunters and Collectors

If Chisel can do it, then the Hunnas, Chisel’s successors as the rulers of the pub rock circuit, show they can do just as well. The accoustic guitar break in the middle, as the rest of the band, especially the Hunna’s amazing horn section, slowly come in, still sends a tingle down my spine.


Always on this Line – Sarah Blasko

I remember watching a not very good Australian move (based on an even worse Australian book) on telly when this came on and just lit everything up. Enough said.


Heartbeats and Sails – Augie March 

A band it was impossible to categorise playing a song it’s impossible to categorise. Is it a pop song? Is it a sea shanty? Is it something else entirely? Dunno, I just reckon it’s amazing. I love the instrumental break, where it goes from something kind of quaint and rustic into something that really rocks. And I love the daggy shipboard video as well.