July 4, 2019 in Dag

Time for my mid-year progress review

Well, it’s official. We’ve clocked over the halfway mark of the year. And, apart from my usual goggle-eyed amazement that another six months has raced past so quickly, this can only mean one thing. Time for my regular mid-year progress review. If you’ll remember from my posts at the beginning of the year, my writing

June 27, 2019 in Dag

When things from your past are weirder than you think

This week, I’m going to continue on my nostalgia kick. But I’m going to go even further back. Back to the days when I was a tiny little fellow, way before even school kicked in. Back to what I realise now was surely one of my formative influences. I’m usually quite coy about giving away

June 20, 2019 in Dag

Once in every lifetime comes a love like this

I’ve posted before on this blog about how with every year that passes, I find myself growing more sentimental. I find myself reminiscing about the past, and about those things that had an impact on me in my formative years. One of those early influences that has jumped to the fore in recent weeks has

June 13, 2019 in Dag

I want to write something big and messy

I’ve mentioned before in this blog how I’m a bit of a control freak. I’ve discussed how, in most aspects of my life, I like to be the one in charge. I like to stay in control and I don’t like leaving things to chance. This applies to my writing as much as anything else

June 6, 2019 in Dag

The delights of getting cryptic

I’ve written before about how a big part of my personal and professional style is being a problem solver. I could almost describe the job I do as being a professional problem solver, as it generally involves finding elegant solutions for often tricky problems. And in my personal interactions, I tend to slip very quickly