A Fate Worse Than Death

http://www.amazon.com/Fate-Worse-Than-Death-ebook/dp/B00VY23DV6/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8Jimmy Clarenden’s last case didn’t end well. Cut down in a hail of bullets, he’s now found himself at the Pearly Gates. Jimmy is no saint, so he’s stunned to learn he’s been summoned by God to take on a highly sensitive job. God’s son (the other one) has gone missing and it’s up to Jimmy to crack the case.

His investigations lead him to an unlikely cast of suspects — femme fatale angels, jaundiced journalists, even the heavenly gatekeeper, St Peter. But what Jimmy uncovers is enough to shake the foundation of Heaven and Hell.

What reviewers are saying about it

The dialogue and Jimmy’s first-person narrative was smart and snappy, and I loved how Gould normalised the permanent occupants of angelsville…If you want never-fail enjoyment and no-disappointment assurance you’re going to pick up a brilliant book, here it is.
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