Magnus Opum epic tale of swords and baked goods.

Magnus Mandalora never planned to go out into the big, wide world. He thought he’d live out his life in his homely little village, happily cooking and eating pflugberry pies. But fate had other ideas.

Before he knows it, Magnus has embarked on an incredible adventure. He discovers a world full of marvels and wonder, surprises and delights. But it’s also a world of perils and danger. As Magnus finds himself right in the middle of a long-running war between the fair and noble Cherines and the vile and despicable Glurgs, he faces challenges beyond anything he could have imagined.

What reviewers are saying about it
Do you ever get one of those moments when you want to lose yourself in a book that is totally magical, brimming with imagination and fantasy, and entertaining from start to finish? This book by the very talented Jonathan Gould is the very thing that delivers on all counts.
Cath ‘n’ Kindle Book Reviews

Jonathan Gould is a master at “Adult Fables” as demonstrated in his novellas – Flidderbugs and Doodling.  Turning his talents to a full length novel – Magnus Opum – Gould creates an even richer world and experience…
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The story skips merrily along. The style of writing is easy to read and whizzes along happily. The tale is a fun one, told with confidence, and full of hilarity.
Vixie’s Stories

It takes a quiet approach to its storytelling, but also regales the reader with a frothy sprinkling of satire and wit.
A. F. Stewart

Jonathan Gould’s characters have a real life, even if it is one that is so obviously fantasy.  While you are reading this tale, they will seem real…
Best in Fantasy

There are a lot of good books out there but if you are looking for something like you’ve never read before, check out Magnus Opum…
A Bookish Affair

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