November 14, 2019 in Dag

Why I don’t read much

In last week’s post, I talked about how recently reading a book was something of a novel (no pun intended) experience. I didn’t go into the details about why, instead suggesting that this could be the topic for next week’s post.

Well, guess what. It’s next week, and as I don’t seem to have any better ideas, I’m going to make good on that suggestion. Why don’t I read much? The answer will be right here and right now.

November 7, 2019 in Dag

Mixing the clever and the fun

I did something a few weeks ago I don’t do anywhere near as often as I’d like to. I read a book.

Now, you would think that is something that would happen more often. After all, I am a writer. And everybody knows that one of the main prerequisites for being a writer is being a reader as well.

October 31, 2019 in Dag

I’m a finely-tuned garbage disposal machine

I like to think I’m a man of many talents. I write books. I play guitar (a little). I can even juggle. But in this post, I’m going to pay tribute to another of my talents. One which, in the grand scheme of things, may not be so highly regarded. But one which I, personally, hold in quite high regard. One which I firmly believe helps to make the world a better place.

I’m a finely-tuned, one-man garbage disposal machine.

October 24, 2019 in Dag

The old me would be shocked to see the new me

I had to say it at some point. It’s a cliche, and it gets a wee bit tedious, but I still can’t stop myself saying it. The year is running down.

Before I even blinked, it’s suddenly late October. And this can only mean one thing. With the end of the year rapidly approaching, one consideration rises high above all others. It’s time to think about the end-of-year vacation.

October 17, 2019 in Dag

I’m scared of being scared

I was watching the telly the other day. Yes, I admit it. I’m old school. I still watch television on an actual television, rather than any of those new-fangled streaming devices. And, to prove how utterly old-fashioned I truly am, I actually watch television with commercials.

Anyway, there I was, sitting on my couch, watching the old telly, when I couldn’t help noticing a number of particular commercials (which actually doesn’t happen that often – even though the commercials are on, I tend to studiously ignore them – so I suppose the fact that I did notice them was in itself newsworthy).