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2021 – you’re halfway done

Well, we did it. We just crossed over the halfway point for 2021. Hello July. Welcome to the second half of the year.

It feels like an odd sort of milestone. After the hardship of 2020, this was going to be the year when things started looking up again. We’d reached our collective low point and were ready to raise our eyes to the sky. So how have things actually gone in that regard?

I suppose, on the whole, this year has been a definite improvement. The development of the vaccines has been a major win, and we’re seeing significantly less death and disease around the world. That’s got to be a good thing. Economies are firing back into action and people are working. It’s certainly not perfect, and there are still plenty of challenges on the horizon, but here’s hoping we’re on the right track.

As for me personally, what has the first half of 2021 brought?

Seems like a bit of a mixed bag. As I write this post, I’m still at home, on the tail end of the latest lockdown and the threat of a new one looming. I haven’t had even my first vaccine shot yet. I was meant to, but with the mess that is the Australian vaccine rollout, I’ve ended up having to postpone for a few weeks. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Other than that, I’m probably not doing too badly. Still have a job. And so far, I’ve managed to keep myself out of hospital, which after the last few years is a big win. Better not get ahead of myself there though – you never know what life is preparing to throw at you.

And what about the most important thing – the writing?

I’ve refrained from setting myself explicit writing goals for the last few years, so don’t have anything concrete to mark myself against. But I can say I’ve made steady, if not astonishing, progress.

Main big win is getting a third draft of the novel done. Yes, the big one, the comedy/fantasy/romance/adventure/satire I’ve been going on about for years. It’s now in a state I’m pretty happy with. I’m just sitting on it for now, working out what to do next. Most likely, I’ll look to get an editor in before the year’s end and see where it goes from there.

My other main project has been my little rhyming stories – which have become a bit of a speciality over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on these, but I have a few things which are, if not exactly on the boil, then at least gently simmering. No promises, but watch this space.

So that’s my regular half-year report. Some quiet wins but still some way to go. Hopefully, 2021 has seen an improvement for all across the board.

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