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A new goal to aspire to

Being a writer means having many goals to aspire to.

Firstly, there are the obvious ones. The initial one that comes to mind is simply write lots of books. And then, once those books have been written, sell lots of copies and have lots of people read them.

Sure, those are worthy goals, and a big part of my focus. But I like to think much bigger picture than that. There are many loftier goals I’ve always aspired to. I do’t want to just be a writer selling books.

So let’s move on to some of my broader goals. Of course, when you’re talking about writing, you would start with achievements associated with writing, such as literature awards or writing competition. I’ve had some limited success in that area. I’ve actually been shortlisted in a couple of competitions. So I guess that’s close but no cigar – bridesmaid a couple of times without actually gaining a ring.

But who wants to limit themselves to writing awards alone? After all, outside the writing world nobody cares much about these. I reckon there are some even bigger goals to aspire to. Some goals that will draw the attention of the wider world outside writing, and I’ve got my mind firmly focussed on these.

So what are some of my long-term aspirations?

One biggy has always been my own wikipedia page. I reckon it’s a sure sign you’ve made it when you have your own wikipedia page. But there are some rules associated with this. I’m not allowed to make it myself. And it can’t be done by people I know. It has to be a genuine wikipedia page, produced by the general wikipedia page people.

Then there are a few other modest, low-key aspirations, such as a knighthood (if Australia ever decides to go down that path again), and of course the Nobel Prize for Literature.

But just last week I discovered an even bigger goal to aspire to.

Australia Post just released a bunch of new stamps featuring children’s writer – see the details here. That’s right – stamps with writers on them. This is huge for me, especially as I was a dedicated stamp collector in my younger years. To think that young people could collect stamps with the faces of writers on them. To think that one day they could collect a stamp with – me on it.

So this has become my new goal. Forget writing awards. Forget wikipedia pages and knighthoods and Nobel Prizes.

I want to be on a stamp!

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