May 4, 2013 in Dag

Excitement and adventure from the very beginning

This is a really great and exciting opening sentence that will grab your attention straight away and make you want to read the rest of this post.

Well, maybe not, but I thought I might try it anyway.

I’ve been reading blog posts about opening sentences. I know, I shouldn’t be doing it. I’m so opinionated as it is, all that’s going to happen is I’m going to get all hot under the collar about other people telling me what to write and how to write. If I want to start my stories in a way that someone else doesn’t think stories should be started, that’s totally my business.

Once I got over that, I did have a bit of a think about it (I know, that’s not always a good idea either). As it is, I reckon the opening sentences in my books are actually not too bad. So what if the opening to my fantasy story is pretty much exactly how I was told not to start a fantasy story. And if my detective story opens in a way that I’m told a detective story should never open. I can live with that, because that’s just the kind of person I am.

So I really wasn’t too concerned about changing the opening sentences for my stories. But what I was concerned about was my blog. Maybe one of the reasons I always seem to get bugger all hits on my blog is because my opening sentences are crap. Maybe it’s time to reassess my approach to how I start up each of these posts.

Obviously, I need to cut to the chase, get straight into the serious blog action, and not beat around the bush with my usual form of bloggy blah. No more meandering along with sentences like “It’s a lovely sunny day as I sit at my computer, looking out the window at a flock of birds effortlessly dancing through the air in tight formation” or “I sit at my desk, a tall, slim man with black-brown hair and a drawn expression on my face as I try to force my brain into action”. Oh no, we’re going clean and mean and no messing around.

Mind you, I seem to have hit a problem right away. Get straight into the action? What sort of action am I talking about? I’m beginning to get a feeling that it isn’t just the beginnings that are a problem for my blog – I suspect the middles are also a bit of an issue. And also, given that I have no idea what this is actually leading to, I think I may have a problem with endings as well.

Um…er…thanks for coming. See you next week.


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