January 9, 2012 in Dag

Happy New Year from Dag-Lit Central

Well, the holiday season is over, we’ve gotten through the festivities, and now there’s a whole new year in front of us.

2012 promises to be a big year, here at Dag-Lit Central. For a start, I’m hoping to have more visitors here, talking about how their stories stand out from the crowd. After Anastasia V. Pergakis’s post last week, I’ll be interviewing D. Robert Pease on Friday as part of the GIR 12 Days of New Year blog hop event. And there’ll be many more guests in the coming weeks.

In addition, I’ll be keeping you all updated on my latest writing projects. My first novel, Magnus Opum, is currently with beta readers and I’m hoping for an April release. And I’m well on the way to a completed first draft of the sequel to Doodling, tentatively titled Scribbling at this stage. And you’ll get more of my daggy ramblings about writing and the world in general.

But the really big news to start 2012 off with is that I’ll be doing my first blog tour very soon. Starting off on March 5th and running through till the end of the month, I’ll be visiting 20 different sites to talk about Doodling, Flidderbugs, and Dag-Lit in general. For more information on the schedule, click on the image at the top of this post. And big thanks to the wonderful people at Goddess Fish for organising all of this, and the amazing Donna Brown of Books, Bags and Cat Naps for making it all possible.

Hope your new year is also off to a great start.

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