January 7, 2021 in Dag

Hooray – it’s 2021 – time for a fresh start

Well it’s not a particularly original sentiment – it’s one that numerous others have already expressed. But this is my blog where I get to say what I want, regardless of how many times it’s already been said. So here it is. I’m going to say it.

Hooray! It’s no longer 2020. 2021 is here at last.

Will it make a difference? Who can say? Covid is still well and truly here, and though the rapid development of vaccines has been amazing, it will likely be many months before they have an impact. In the meantime, we’ll have to manage as best we can. Even as I write this post, case numbers in my home city of Melbourne are rising again after several months of zero cases (double donuts as we liked to refer to them). The immediate future is far from certain.

The start of a new year is usually the time for hope and optimism, so I’ll try to stick to that tone. Here’s hoping that over the course of the year, the world returns to some kind of normal. Actually, given that even before Covid hit there was plenty still wrong with the world, I reckon we can do better than that. Here’s hoping that we can return to a better kind of normal, with more opportunities for everyone and less of the division and discord that has plagued so many communities around the world. Some progress on those big issues, like racism and inequality, and the looming threat that is global warming.

Though I generally prefer not to get too political on this blog, I am hoping that the election result in the US is a harbinger for perhaps some better times – but I don’t think it’s wise to make too many predictions on that count.

What can I say on a personal level? Obviously, the first thing is to try and stay healthy. A year without a visit to hospital would definitely be a bonus – it’s been a while since I had one of those. Hopefully to remain gainfully employed. After a year of work-from-home, I’m supposed to be returning to my workplace next month, but who can tell how that will go?

And of course, there is the writing. As per the last few years, I’m no longer setting goals. After a productive year, I’m just hoping to continue making progress. Maybe get another draft of the novel done, and a few smaller stories as a bonus.

So lets all hope 2021 is a fresh new start in lots of ways. Hope you all stay healthy and happy and continuing to work on your own life goals.

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