October 15, 2020 in Dag

House – 2: Fire – nil

Normally, coming up with a topic for this blog can be a bit of a challenge. Is there something new and topical I can talk about? Or do I need to go back to my regular themes of writing, music and being grumpy, and see if there’s anything I can draw out.

Well, this week I don’t have that problem at all. This week has been far too eventful for my liking. So while my stress levels have gone sky-high, it has at least provided me with something a bit novel to write about.

The fun began around 3 in the morning last Friday. I was woken by my wife saying she could smell smoke. A quick investigation of the house didn’t indicate any source. However, a look outside the window revealed a dark smoky haze. Clearly something was going on.

Around that time, more clues began presenting themselves. The sound of sirens wailing. And a quick internet check revealed a report of a structural fire very close. Far too close. A closeness that bore a strange familiarity.

Regular readers here may recall a post from almost exactly two years ago , describing a fire in the property immediately behind ours. The address on the web announcement provided confirming evidence. The fire was at the same property.

Looking out the window at first, it was hard to discern anything through the smoke. In such a frantic situation, we had to ensure we were ready as we had no idea if we’d need to evacuate. Several times, we saw sparks fly into our yard, but luckily nothing was set alight.

Being that close to a fire in the day was scary enough. But in the middle of the night, it was downright terrifying.

Once the firies arrived, they quickly got things under control, and we had front row seats for the drama.

I stayed up for about an hour before returning to bed, comfortable that we were no longer at risk. Amazingly, I actually managed a bit of sleep.

But when we woke up next morning, the drama wasn’t over. Around nine the next morning, four police cars swooped on another car parked just outside our house. The person in the car was taken away and forensics spent an hour investigating the vehicle. Peering through our bedroom window, it looked like some kind of crime drama being filmed.

I won’t comment on the ramifications of this event – far be it for me to make any allegations on matters legal. But the police did seem pretty pleased with the outcome.

In the meantime, crazy as it seems, the house is largely still standing. Even after two pretty substantial fires, it’s not going anywhere. If I had to adjudicate a score, I’d say house – 2, fires – 0.

Now, as you all should know by now, I’m a writer. I create all sorts of dramatic situations in my head. That’s the only sort of drama I need.

As for all this other business? As I mentioned in that post two years ago, I have no need for this kind of excitement in my life.

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