January 11, 2014 in Dag

I have no idea what this post was meant to be about

I know, it seems like an odd title for a blog post.

Here’s the thing. I’m really busy. Between work and family and writing, I have far too many things keeping my mind occupied. I have to be really well organised when it comes to rationing my time, or I won’t be able to get anything done.

Which comes back to this blog post. I while ago, I decided that I needed to be more efficient when it came to blog writing. I was spending far too much time sitting in front of a screen, trying to figure out what to write, especially when a few days earlier, I might have had a really good idea for a post.

So what I began doing was scheduling my ideas when I had them. As soon as I thought of a brilliant (or at least passable) idea for a post, I’d immediately go into blogger and schedule it, putting in some rough approximation of the idea for a title. Then, some days later when I actually had time, I’d go back in and write the post.

This all worked fine. I actually got really efficient, to the point where at times I had five or six ideas queued up – enough to keep me going for well over a month. There was just one problem.

Sometimes, I got so far ahead of myself, and had scheduled things so far in advance, when I went back weeks later to write the post, I couldn’t make any sense of the title I’d put in. In short, I’d completely forgotten what the post was meant to be about.

And that’s what’s happened here. I’m sure it was a great idea. Maybe something about the challenges of writing: the intricacies of plot development or the difficulties in coming up with just the right mix of characters. Or perhaps it was one of my more random posts, where I take some idea or concept and just run with it in a quite surprising and delightful way. I wish I knew.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll do better next time. I have a really amazing and clever and funny post scheduled for next week. I really hope I can remember what it is.

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