July 8, 2012 in Dag

I’m going to be somebody else today

I’ve just made a really cool discovery.
I think I’ve figured out why writing these blog posts is so difficult.
I think it’s all because I’ve gotten a little bit bored with myself.

Here’s the problem. Every week, usually about now, I sit down at my computer and say to myself, “ok, time to write something.” Then I try to focus a bit and think, “what’s an interesting thing to write about?”

Because, of course, a blog post has to be interesting. What’s the point of writing it if it isn’t? Who would want to read it if it wasn’t?

That’s when the hard bit begins. What can I say that might be of interest to all those readers out there? What do I think? Where have I been? What have I done? To be honest, most of the time the answers really aren’t that interesting.

So today I’m not going to bore you with mundane stuff. I’m going to be someone completely different. Someone exciting and glamorous. Someone who has been to interesting places and done all sorts of exciting things.

For a start, I’m probably extremely good-looking. You’ve probably seen my face plastered all over the TV and magazines. I might even have been in a movie, or had a hit pop record or something. I think I’ve climbed to the top of Mt Everest, and I’ve also swam down to the bottom of the deepest, darkest oceans. And did I mention that I’ve wrestled with lions and polar bears? Not at the same time, mind you, but that’s still pretty darned interesting in my book.

Ok, I’m starting to warm up now. What else would you like to know about me.I’m really great at sport. I might even be playing in the Wimbledon final this weekend, in the middle of my warm-ups for the Olympic games. I’m the coolest, grooviest dancer you might ever see. And I have tremendous charisma. You should see people’s faces when I start to talk. Whoo boy do I know how to attract people’s attention.

Is that enough about me? I’d hate to look like I was really self-obsessed. And besides, I think people are always more interesting when you don’t know too much about them – it makes them seem like a bit of a mystery.

So there you go. How interesting has this post been? The best one over in my humble opinion. This being someone else gig is so great, I think I might try it again next week.

I wonder who I’ll be.

Discover Fantasy Update

Even though I’m definitely still not me, I just want to remind you about the extremely interesting Discover Fantasy tour featuring the totally exciting David M. Brown and the truly fascinating Jeremy Rodden. There will be more great posts so do check the schedule of events.

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