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I’m not that deep

I love to read. I guess that, being a writer myself, this isn’t something particularly surprising.

I’m constantly amazed at the breadth of narratives around. So many different writing styles. So many different ways to tell a story. But one thing that I really admire is the ability of writers to really dig down deep, to nail their characters in complex ways, and place them in intricate, multi-level stories.

I’m blown away with the way writers can get into their characters’ heads. How they can develop lengthy interior monologues that capture so much about a character. How they can create plots that twist and turn in so many ways, beyond any reader’s expectations. How they can create descriptions which make you feel like you’re actually there, seeing things with your own eyes.

I’m in awe of these writers, and I’m also more than a little bit jealous. I just can’t create stories like that. I can’t create such complex interior worlds for my characters. I can’t describe their exterior worlds in anywhere near the same detail. And there’s a very good reason for that.

I’m just not that deep.

I can’t do those interior monologues because I don’t have them myself. My mind tends to skim over the surface, avoiding any attempts to dig down deeper. And I can’t create those detailed descriptions because my eyes don’t seem to register things in such a close-eyed way. They just flitter from one thing to another, getting the basic idea but not the specifics.

Is that a bad thing? Should I be upset with myself for my lack of depth? Should I make more of an effort to create more layers to myself?

I’m not sure. At this stage of my life, I figure I’m not going to change. I don’t think I could ever write those “deep” sorts of stories. But maybe that’s okay. Sure, there’s nothing to stop me enjoying the craft that goes into creating them. But maybe there’s room for my sorts of stories as well. For stories that flit around on the surface in (hopefully) surprising and amusing ways.

Who knows. Maybe readers will find their own depths in there. 

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