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July is Discover Fantasy month

Welcome to July.

Ok, we’re not quite there yet, but I’m quite excited about it so I couldn’t help myself.

You’re probably asking what’s so special about July. For my friends up north it’s probably stinking hot, while for me down south, it’s miserable, cold and wet.But July is exciting for me because July is now officially Discover Fantasy month.

So what is Discover Fantasy? (geez he asks a lot of questions). Discover Fantasy is a terrific new event set up to raise peoples’ awareness of fantasy as a genre, and demonstrate how broad it can be. We want to show you that fantasy is not just about wizards and elves and magic – there are lots of different types of stories, lots of different moods and styles, which can all be considered to be fantasy.

Joining me in this event are two other fantastic writers:

  • David M. Brown – who writes broad, sweeping dramatic fantasy, with nary a witch or dwarf to be seen
  • Jeremy Rodden – who takes you into the world of Toonopolis, where Saturday morning cartoons become real.

I really hope you’ll join us in this fabulous event, organised by the amazing Donna Brown. Please check out the Discover Fantasy Website for details on the event, the authors involved, and the schedule. 

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