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Just in case you didn’t know enough about me

This blogging business is wonderful isn’t it. You readers get to know so much about me and about my life. It’s almost like we’ve become best friends.

What was that you said? You don’t actually know much about me? And here I was, thinking that I was sharing so much about myself for you all. Well, I’m going to have to fix that situation write away. So now, without delay, here are five really interesting things about me:

  1. I do the most realistic dog barks. I discovered that the secret is to draw air in, rather than pushing it out. I can walk down the street, barking away as if I’m one of the neighbourhood canines. Sometimes, I can get all the dogs in the street started (oh yeah, the neighbours love me). I’m not so much a dog whisperer and more of a dog annoyer.
  2. I don’t drink coffee. I know, it sounds like a cardinal sin for a writer, but I just don’t do it. I do like to sniff coffee. I think there’s no better smell than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. After that, I always find the taste is a bit of a disappointment. And besides, my mouth has a really low tolerance for heat. I have to wait so long before the coffee is at a temperature I can drink it, and then it seems to cool down really quickly. And there’s nothing worse than tepid, lukewarm coffee.
  3. I have a talent for walking on my hands. It’s easy. I just bend down and put my hands beneath my feet. Then I sort of scuttle along, always making sure that I keep my hands under my feet. I tell you, it never gets old.
  4. I eat a lot of apples. But not just any kind of apples. It’s granny smiths or nothing. I like my apples green and bitter. If it doesn’t make my face pucker up in pain, then it’s just not worth eating. Every day at work, I’ve become kind of legendary for my apple consumption. At 1pm precisely, you’ll hear the slap as I toss my apple in the air and then catch it with a flourish. I love the sound when you catch a nice fresh granny smith. I love the taste even more.
  5. I can play guitar upside down. I can play guitar rightside up too, but that’s not nearly as interesting. Mind you, I’m not particularly great at either. But being a left-hander who likes to play guitar, and given that most guitars are right-handed, it’s kind of fun to be able to pick up any guitar I find and bash out a few chords.

So there you go – you know a little bit more about me now. Hopefully that makes your life that little bit more complete.

Have a great week.

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Jim Murdoch May 17, 2015 at 11:10 pm

No, I don’t get the coffee thing. Why not drink iced coffee? Seems the obvious solution if you like the smell. Me, I drink mine in a mug half the size of my wife’s. I think it’s probably a kid’s mug. Carrie bought it for me when my old one cracked. I put in the same amounts in my cup as I do in hers which means I drink mine twice as strong as she does. If I add milk three swigs and it’s done. Mostly I drink it black and decaffeinated.

As I recall Paul McCartney plays guitar upside down. I could never adapt to a guitar after learning keyboard. Chords look a certain way in my head and I can’t translate them into guitar chords. I did try. I also hated the fact I had to keep retuning the damn thing.

Apples I like well enough but I’m not obsessive. I probably eat more grapes. My mum never bought green apples. No idea why. But I do remember someone once giving me my first Golden Delicious. I must’ve been about eight or nine. I do eat a lot more fruit these days than I did growing up. I still regard it as a bit of a luxury. Even the old apple.

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Jonathan Gould May 18, 2015 at 3:09 am

Hey Jim. I do like iced coffee now and again. And I believe Paul McCartney’s guitar is correctly tuned for a left-hander – as is mine. Mind you, there are a few players, like the late Albert King, who play a right-handed guitar upside down very well.

Enjoy the week.

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