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Just like my stories, I’m not sure where I fit in

I’m an odd sort of fellow. Always have been. I suspect I always will be.

That’s ok with me. I don’t mind flying the flag for oddness, even if it’s in a quiet sort of way, rather than a ‘shouting out from the rooftops look how odd I am’ kind of way. From my perspective, it’s a far more interesting way to live your life. Although it does pose issues at times.

One of those issues pertains to the stories I write. They’re odd sorts of stories. Well, given that I’m an odd sort of person, how could they be any other kind?

But while I see this oddness as one of the most positive features of these stories – it helps to give them character and makes them stand out from the crowd – it does create problems when I try to classify them. And given that so many marketing activities revolve around classification, that can be a pretty big problem when it comes to actually trying to sell those books.

So what exactly are my books. Are they fantasy – well yeah, they are kind of, but not like most fantasy novels. They’re also kind of funny, but I’m not sure if that makes them full-bore comedy. Kids like them, but plenty of adults like them to, so I’m not sure if they’re children’s or YA or adult.

So they sit in a kind of ‘in-between’ place, not quite one thing and not quite another. Which makes marketing a bit of a challenge.

But enough about my books – I can talk more about them another time. In this post, I want to talk a bit more about me.

Like my stories, I’m not quite sure where I fit in. I sometimes feel like I’ve never managed to find my tribe. Not that I’m unhappy. I’ve got a pretty cool bunch of family and friends. But there are times when I do feel like I’m a little on my own.

I’ve never been much of a joiner. I’m more of a ‘hanging on the edge of a crowd’ sort of person. Plus, I’m a bit of a natural devil’s advocate. Put me in a room full of capitalists and I’ll become as socialist as they come. But get me surrounded by real socialists and I’ll become a full-on advocate for free markets.

So that’s me – bumbling along through my life. Maybe, someday, I’ll find that niche where I fit. But in the meantime, the journey isn’t too bad.

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