September 8, 2016 in Dag

My mind is like my hair – I never know what either will do next

Let me say this clearly – I have troublesome hair.

Some people might suggest that I’m being far too picky. After all, at my age I’m probably doing pretty well having as much hair as I do. Still, from my point of view that doesn’t make it any easier. My hair can often be a major bugbear.

I never know what my hair will do from day to day. Sometimes, I get out of bed and it’s all sticking up. Sometimes, it’s lying flat like your classic bowl haircut. Sometimes, it’s travelling in three directions at once. Looking after it doesn’t seem to help. Putting products in just turns it into mush. Attacking it with a brush or a comb only seems to create a very short term neatness which rarely lasts more than about half an hour.

You know how some people complain about having bad hair days. I’m happy if I can manage a good hair day.

Still, I usually don’t get too upset about it. I like to think that my uncontrollable hair is just one more of those aspects that makes me the person I am. In some ways, I see it as a neat way to capture my own personality. It helps to define me as the sort of person who does things their own way and follows their own path. Crazy hair = crazy person. That’s an equation I rather like.

I can definitely see the comparison between my hair and my mind (and let’s face it, given that they’re both attached to my head, it makes sense for there to be some kind of consistency between them). When I wake up in the morning, I have as little idea about how my mind is going to behave as I have about how my hair will behave. Just as my hair seems to have a mind of its own, setting itself in completely random and unpredictable ways every day, so it seems also that my mind has (dare I say it) a mind of its own.

Every day is a little bit different. Sometimes my mind is as sharp as a tack, able to solve the trickiest problems without missing even the tiniest details. Other times, my mind is as sluggish as a bogged truck, incapable of even the slightest movement. I have no idea which mode my mind will be in when I wake up. I just have to get out of bed and start trying to face the day, waiting until I face some kind of mental challenge – that’s when the state of my mind will quickly become apparent.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for today. Luckily, my mind is together enough for me to pull this post together. As for my hair – you don’t want to know…

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