October 25, 2012 in Dag

Now it’s time for a bit of Scribbling

After unprecedented excitement (from me if nobody else), I’m extremely proud to announce the release of my new novella, Scribbling.

Scribbling is pretty much exactly what its title suggests. It’s me sitting on a computer and scribbling – all right so maybe I wasn’t exactly scribbling, maybe technically I was still typing. But the story I was typing was one that pretty much evolved in a fairly random and unplanned way, so it felt a lot like I was scribbling out a story.

Of course, Scribbling is a sequel (of sorts – maybe companion is a better word) to my previous novella Doodling. Like Doodling, I began with what sounded like a funny kind of throw-away line, and just saw where it took me. And, like Doodling, the central character in Scribbling is my good friend Neville Lansdowne.

I think Neville is a bit like me. Except the strange fantasy ideas in my head end up being Neville’s realities. What will he get up to this time? What will happen to him? I guess you’ll need to read the book to find out. And there’s a very good reason to read it quickly.

For the next two weeks after release, Scribbling will be available for the special bargain price of 99c. But that’s not all. As an extra special bonus, anyone who buys a copy in those two weeks will also get some previously unreleased “outtakes” from Doodling – a chance to meet some new characters, encounter some familiar ones in new ways, and get an insight into the way the story was developed.

So join me for the fun – come along to http://www.facebook.com/events/356650867758902/ for a chance to chat about all things Neville. And go to Amazon to grab your own copy of Scribbling.

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