May 20, 2012 in Dag

Procrastinators ahoy!

Let me start by apologising in advance for this post – or rather for this lack of post.

I had such a great idea for a post today. It was inspired by a comment left last week by Andy Gavin. Recall that last week, I was talking about the different types of approaches to writing – plotters and pantsers and my own particular invention (which I’m thinking of trademarking), plontsers. Andy commented about how he was finding ways to not write and that got me to thinking. There is another type of approach to writing which is the most common one of all – the procrastinator.

So that was my idea. I was going to write a really clever and funny and witty post about how no matter whether you’re a pantser or a plotter (or a plontser – and no you can’t use that term – it’s mine), the likelihood is that if you’re a true writer, than you’re really a procrastinator. I know I am. Procrastination is my middle name. Well actually it’s David, but they share a couple of the same letters. I once even wrote a comedy sketch about a super hero who’s always procrastinating – Procrasto-Man. He never gets around to saving the day, but to the people of Slotham City, he’s a true hero.

So what can I say? I honestly did have good intentions. This was going to be such a great post.  There are a bunch of reasons why I didn’t end up doing it:

  1. Work has been really crazy busy and it’s been hard to find time to think
  2. I’ve actually been slightly unwell this week. Ok, it was really just a bit of a head cold but you know how that can slow you down
  3. It was my daughter’s birthday this week and we had the whole family over – and you know what it’s like when family come over
  4. My team (Collingwood – the Mighty Magpies) had a great win in the football (over Geelong – the defending champions) so I was pretty excited by that for a while
  5. I actually managed to get some work done on my next book – I even got a second draft completed. 

So you see there are lots of really good reasons why I kept on putting off actually writing this post. With all my heart, I apologise again. Please come back next week as hopefully by then I’ll be able to make some time to write this post.

Have a great week – if you manage to get around to it. 

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