December 30, 2012 in Dag

Signing off for 2012 with a special treat!

Hard to believe that 2012 is almost done.

What’s even harder to believe is all the stuff I’ve managed to achieve in a year that seems to have just flown past.

The biggest thing, from my point of view, has been saying goodbye to a job I hated and finding myself a new and much better job. It’s been a busy year, but rewarding, working in an office with a great work culture and where people are treated with respect.

The one main drawback of the new job has been that it has seriously impacted on my writing time. Still, even then, I’ve achieved a number of significant milestones in that regard:

  1. In March, I released my first full-length novel, Magnus Opum
  2. In October, I finally managed to complete a first draft of the YA novel I started back in 2008. It needs a heap of rewriting but it’s definitely on the way. 
  3. Also in October, I released a sequel (of sorts) to Doodling. A second helping of adventures for Neville Lansdowne titled Scribbling
  4. Since then, I’ve made significant progress on a third installment for Neville.  Not sure of a title at this stage – could be Jotting or Sketching or Scrawling.

So as we move into 2013, I hope I can keep that momentum up, particularly to:

  1. Finish and release Neville #3.
  2. Continue to move the YA novel forward – though it’s unlikely I’ll have it in a publishable state next year.
  3. Figure out what to do with the bunch of children’s stories I have.

Anyway, that’s a brief status report from here at Dag-Lit Central. Now to the special treat I mentioned in the title of this post.

To celebrate the holiday season, my fellow authors at APG have got together to produce an anthology of stories, with a definite holiday theme – An Alexandria Winter story collection 2012. If your thing is Christmas or Hannuka or Samhain or even Festivus, you should find something great to read here. And, of course, I’m very pleased to note that of all the stories, mine is definitely the silliest.
You can grab a copy from:

Hope you enjoy. Have a great new year and talk to you all in 2013. 

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