August 3, 2017 in Dag

Starting again all over again, all over again

Way back near the start of the year, I posted about how I had just started a new job. Well, as it turned out, that new job didn’t last very long. Nothing to do with me. Not my fault at all. It’s just that some things are meant to last and some others aren’t.

So, anyway, what it did mean was that once again I had to go and find myself a new job. I don’t love the job hunting process. I don’t love trying to sell myself when writing out job applications and I definitely don’t love job interviews. But the good news is that, after several weeks of forcing myself through that process, I have just begun a new job.

It all feels a bit strange. A bit deja-vu, even more so because this new job is at a place I have worked previously – a university to be exact. After being absent for over five years, it’s interesting to walk around the grounds and see what is different and what is still the same.

I could go on about a whole lot of the same things I mentioned in the previous post – things like fresh starts and new vistas opening up before me. But I think I’m going to hold back on the flowery talk this time. After all the uncertainty over the past few months, my main hope now is just for things to settle down. There’s a whole bunch of stuff I need to sort out. New daily routines. New travel plans. Not to mention working out how to ensure I can make my writing routine work alongside my job routine.

I suppose that’s a fairly normal aspect of life in general. Just as you think you have things worked out and you have a nice routine going on, something changes and you have to begin working it out all over again. As much as it would be nice for things to stay the same, you know they never will. Now the big challenge is to come up with a routine that’s simple and workable, so I can get back into some sort of comfort zone, at least for the time being.

I suppose we’ll just have to see how long it lasts.

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