October 5, 2013 in Dag

The laziest hard worker I know

For a lazy person, I work really hard.

Perhaps I should rephrase that. For a hard working person, I’m actually really lazy.

And I do work hard. On top of my 9-5 job and sundry family obligations, I keep a cracking schedule as far as my writing goes. I set myself goals and focus myself on achieving them. At the moment I have 4 different WIPs:

  1. The next Neville Lansdowne story – tentatively titled Scrawling – which I’m hoping to release before the end of the year.
  2. My picture book Thomas and the Tiger Turtle which should be out in May 2014.
  3. My detective story (no planned title as yet). I’m aiming for late 2014 for this one, having just finished a second draft.
  4. My YA story (again no title). I finished draft #1 last year so this one is still a long way off. Maybe 2015 but maybe even later. We’ll see.

In addition to these, there are always a heap of ideas bubbling in my head. Plus, of course, all my blogging and twittering and other socially network stuff. I’m actually pretty proud of what I’m managing to achieve at the moment. Especially given one big proviso – I’m very, very lazy.

I love to sleep in. I tell you, every day is a battle to get out of bed, and not just on weekdays. Even on weekends, after quite a good sleep in, I’d happily remain under the covers.
Once I’m up, it takes me ages to get going. I’ll sit around and do nothing much. In fact, a number of people I know have commented on my capacity to sit around and do nothing much. It’s a talent I’m quite proud of.
I guess that’s the thing with all of us. We’re all a bundle of contradictions. I can be both lazy and hard working at the same time. It’s all part of the wonderfulness of being me.
Anyway, better go now. I have a whole week of working hard to do nothing in front of me. 

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