November 2, 2013 in Dag

Things get awfully tangled sometimes

I like to think that my life is one long learning journey. I like to believe that every day I am learning something new. Something that I can make use of, to change the way I engage with things in a positive way.

I’m not sure I always manage to live up to that ideal. Sometimes, I even think I might be going backwards. But wherever I go and whatever I do, there is one thing that constantly hits me.

Gosh we humans are good at complicating things.

It happens all the time. You start off with the best of intentions. You have a clear goal and a simple plan. And then what happens? Things get complicated.

Sometimes it isn’t just you. The more you involve other people, the more you know things are going to start getting tangled up. But other times, you can’t actually blame other people. It just seems to happen that way. Everything seems clear and simple, until suddenly it isn’t.

Of all the lessons I’ve taken from life, I think this would have to be one of the biggest ones. It’s had a massive impact on the way I try to live my life from day to day. I’m constantly telling myself, “Keep it simple. Don’t try to complicate anything.” Because I know that no matter how simple I try to make it, it won’t stay that way for long. But at least if I try to make it simple at the beginning, I can limit the extent of the complexity that will eventually overtake it. 

I think this is one of the big factors with my writing as well. I try to keep my stories as simple as I can. That’s partly because I know that somewhere down the line they’re going to get much more complicated, and I’ll need to figure out how I can manage that. But also because they help to accentuate that message back to me. I think one of the main goals of most of my stories is to try to show the simplicity that lies beneath all of the complexity we create, for example using insects to demonstrate the absurdity of modern political processes in my novella Flidderbugs.

Anyway, I think I better quit this before it starts to get way more complex than I can handle. Hope you have a great (and not too complicated) week.

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