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Things I Just Don’t Get

Things that I just don’t get.

I reckon I could make a whole series out of that topic. 

Let’s face it, when it comes to human behaviour and the world in general, sometimes I feel like there’s not much I do get.

Here’s one that had me going for a long time. Something that really amazed me was how much I would get hung up over work stuff. I’d obsess over it. I would come home but it would still be on my mind. It would even keep me awake at night. I’d get so frustrated by all the little nonsense things that made it so difficult to get stuff done. And by the stupid, annoying, and downright mean-spirited things that colleagues would say and do. 

Then, I’d get to take a couple of weeks leave. It was always amazing how quickly these vibes just disappeared and I’d find myself remembering what was actually important. Things like family, and being able to spend time on the things I really enjoyed, especially getting some time to focus on my writing.

It’s just crazy how you can get so caught up on stuff that, in the big scheme of things, is just not important. I’m starting to think that the main indicator of a good job is the ability to switch off once you leave the office (or wherever it happens to be). So far, I’ve been finding myself able to do that in my new job, and that’s a really good sign.  Here’s hoping that it stays like that.

Which leads on to thing number two that I don’t get (ok, it doesn’t really lead on, but I couldn’t think of a clever segue). That thing is KDP Select. It’s the greatest thing ever for writers. It will spell the end of the indie publishing revolution. I have no idea. I see all the exchanges and I find myself seriously stuck on a fence – and that fence is getting more and more uncomfortable (metaphorical palings are sticking into my bum). I’m also seeing exchanges starting to get a bit more heated. This is a shame. I’d hate to see the indie community split over it – another one of those cases where people forget what is really important.

I’m figuring that maybe I should give select a go. Once my next book, Magnus Opum, is released, I’m thinking I’ll enroll it, at least from the start. Down the line, I’d like to have my books available from the different outlets, but maybe Select can be a useful tool for generating interest in new releases.

In the meantime, other things are in the works that will hopefully get my books out into the big wide world. My first blog tour is starting in just over a week. So stay tuned – hopefully it will be a lot of fun. And that is something that I definitely do get.

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