July 23, 2015 in Dag

Top 10 things about…something

Well, here I am again, trying to figure out what on earth to post on my blog this week.

Fortunately, I found a great way to brainstorm ideas. I spent some time looking around, to see what other people are posting on this big, wide, wonderful internet. And guess what I found?

Seems like the big, happening thing at the moment is top tens. Top ten this, top ten that. Everybody who is anybody seems to be busy posting up their latest top tens. So why shouldn’t I have a go as well?

Ok, that’s the easy bit. So I’ve decided I’m going to post a top ten. Now comes the difficult bit. What on earth is my top ten supposed to be about? Now that’s a tricky one. There are so many different types of things I could write about. How on earth am I meant to glean down all the topic to come up with a top ten that is riveting enough to make people want to read it. I’m going to have to think about that.

1. I could do a top ten about writing tips. But hey, isn’t everybody already doing this? I’d feel like I was just going over stale ground.

2. I could do a top ten of whacky, wild, crazy things about me. But then again, given I’ve been blogging for over four years now, I’m not sure what else I could say.

3. How about a top ten of the best pets I’ve ever had? Bit of a problem here – I haven’t actually owned ten different pets. Sure I could maybe extend the list to imaginary pets but that would be cheating just a bit.

4. Top ten tips about life? I really don’t feel that qualified. I don’t think I’ve done anything that outstanding that would merit people wanting to pay attention to them.

5. Top ten favourite foods? This seems a likely one. After all, everyone seems to be going on about food these days. But then again, I hate that foody trend. As someone who doesn’t like to go on about my food, that’s the last thing I’d want to encourage.

6. Top ten jobs I’ve had? Nah, I really prefer to keep my professional life and my blogging life separate. Anyway, who wants to read posts about work?

7. What about my ten fantasies? No way, you really don’t want to know about those.

8. My ten favourite items of clothing? Sorry, this is definitely a fashion-free zone.

9. My top ten  things to do with moose antlers? I think we’re starting to get a bit weird here.

10. Top ten thingummajigs or something-or-others. If I knew what I was talking about, I might be able to do something about that.

So looks like the idea of doing a top ten is a bit of a non-starter.

Hang on a minute. What have I just done? I seem to have somehow, purely by accident, compiled a top ten. I’ve got no idea what it’s actually about, but it seems to have filled a blog post.

So till next week – have a good one.

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