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Welcome to the House of Fun

Welcome to Dag-Lit Central, AKA the House of Fun.

In all of the locations to visit during the Trick or Treat for Ebooks, this is undoubtedly the least frightening, most utterly un-scary place on the whole hop. I guess you could say that I’m the little kid in the clown suit among all those witches and ghosts and ghouls – although come to think of it, I personally find clowns to be far more frightening than any of those other things.

But un-scary or not, I hope you’ll have a bit of fun while you’re here.

Today I’m going to be talking about bugs. I know, bugs can sometimes be pretty frightening. The big hairy kinds that walk over you while you’re asleep. The horrid, nasty flying things that crowd around you in cold, clammy places. Not to mention the nasty bitey, stingy ones that attack you on hot summer days.

No, the bugs I’m talking about are not scary bugs at all. They’re called Flidderbugs and they’re most definitely the silliest sort of bugs you could ever meet. Rather than doing proper “buggy” things like biting, stinging and otherwise frightening and bothering people, they spend most of their time having endless arguments about really pointless things – a bit like us actually.

Flidderbugs, of course, is also the title of the ebook novella which I’ll be giving away during the course of this blog hop. A number of readers have compared it to Dr Seuss (even though it’s not illustrated and it doesn’t rhyme), while others have described it as “fun, thought-provoking, and well written“, “refreshing and attention-grabbing“, and “apparently light, but profound“.

So if you’ve had enough of the spooks and spirits, grab yourself a copy of Flidderbugs. How? Just leave a comment beneath this post. Scariest comment wins a free copy. Funniest comment wins a free copy. Buggiest comment wins a free copy. Hey, I’m feeling generous – all comments will win a free copy.

Then check out the list below for all the other fantastically frightening blogs to visit during this hop. But before you do, please take the time to explore Dag-Lit Central a bit – there’s lots more fun stuff here.

All the best, and a fun-filled Halloween to you.

Final note – if you’re leaving a comment, please, please include your email so I can respond with details for how to download your free copy.

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